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The result is the first book in decades to examine the rise or revival of political meritocracy and what it will mean for political developments in China and the rest of the world. Despite its limitations, meritocracy has contributed much to human flourishing in East Asia and beyond and will continue to do so in the future.

This book is essential reading for those who wish to further the debate and perhaps even help to implement desirable forms of political change. There is indeed much to argue with: Can Indonesia, as Gilley suggests, seriously be considered a showcase of bureaucratic efficiency? Is Thailand truly poised for greatness, if only the monarchy would get out of the way? Others will find that his relentless focus on state-society partnership neglects the role played in East Asian polities and societies by cultural cleavages having to do with social movements, ethnic identities, and class affiliations.

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His book is full of original insights. His experience as a reporter in Hong Kong and his close association with China infuse his writing, making for a spirited read. It is unyielding in its emphasis on the theme of solidarity, especially considering the unruly and contentious Asian-politics literature from which it emerges. As a work of discipline, focus, and synthesis, it mirrors the centralizing ethos that both underpins and sustains Asian politics.

The East Asian Challenge for Democracy

Some of the many China stories to attract attention recently have involved NIMBY Not in My Backyard protests by largely middle class crowds gathering to demand a greater say in…. When parts of the Turkish military attempted a coup in July , the competitive authoritarian AKP regime was able to bring both its competitive and its authoritarian features to bear,….

Weighing the Asian Model Benjamin Reilly. Davis, Michael C.

Political Meritocracy in Comparative Perspective

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