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Burnside gives Lark the lease before moving out. As Garfield tries to sleep, he is woken up by Lark's loud singing, which he finds obnoxious. Garfield forces Jon to deal with Lark, making the latter announce he can handle the situation.

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Soon after, Arbuckle is invited into Larry's house, who convinces Arbuckle to sing a duet with him after telling Jon he has the lips of a singer. Garfield in annoyance sends Odie to deal with the problem before the dog joins the singing.

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Garfield in retaliation phones the "Police", the "Humane Society", the "Noise Abatement League", every "music lover" in town and the "National Guard", who all join Lark in song. Garfield in annoyance leaves the house to search for Irving Burnside. Meanwhile, the Burnside's notice they have gained weight due to moving away from Garfield.

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Garfield then arrives and begs the Burnside's to return, before him and Irving make an agreement: The Burnsides kick Lark out of the next door house, and Garfield steals half of the Burnside's food. After kicking Lark out the house and while eating dinner, Alice questions how to stop Garfield from stealing all their food, before Irving reveals that he has a secret weapon: the sheet music for the song, which scares Garfield away. Jekyll and Mr.

Pain is an important part of the equation , but researchers are finding that pain and insomnia feed off one another. Anxious and worried thoughts often keep people tossing and turning. Catastrophizing has two forms: assuming that something bad will happen and expecting that it will be as bad as possible.

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  4. Why OA pain becomes centralized in some people may depend on their sleep patterns. Burel Goodin, PhD, associate professor of psychology at University of Alabama, Birmingham, explains that sleep deprivation can promote central nervous system sensitization. He describes a pain experiment done with healthy volunteers at Johns Hopkins University.

    Osteoarthritis and Sleep

    All volunteers were tested for pain sensitivity at the beginning of the experiment. Some had their sleep hours cut by being kept awake past their normal bedtime for a few nights.

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    Although identical pain stimuli were given at the beginning and end of the experiment, all were more sensitive at the end. But those with interrupted sleep became even more sensitive to pain.

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    Your sleep troubles may not only be making your pain worse, but a study by Parmelee and colleagues published in Arthritis Care and Research showed it could also be increasing your depression and disability. Pain did not predict increased depression over time, but sleep disturbance did predict depression.

    Treatment Has Come A Long Way

    This may compromise their independence. You can get more restful sleep.