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The Divide was praised by Kliatt reviewer Paula Rohrlick as "an entertaining light read" containing "both suspense and humor," while Booklist critic Sally Estes dubbed it a "grand adventure. While Felix safely returns to his own world in The Divide , it is clear to readers of Back to the Divide that he did not cross the portal back to modern-day Earth alone. In Kay's second "Divide" installment she once again takes readers on a magical journey into a fantasy world, as Felix now attempts to locate the evil japegrin that turned his parents to stone.

In fairy-tale fashion, Felix joins with both old friends and new to launch a crusade against the evil Snakeweed in hopes of restoring his parents to life.


Felix and Betony's further adventures, which involve a forgotten genie, a vengeful school bully, and yet another journey across the Divide, are set forth in The Jinx on the Divide. Kirkus Reviews , June 15, , review of The Divide , p. Career Writer and illustrator. Formerly worked as an art and creative-writing teacher.

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Author's works have been translated into other languages. Also illustrator of natural history books.

Author of short stories and radio plays. Click on the icon on the left to see one of the illustrations from the Japanese edition of The Divide.

The Divide is the first volume of a trilogy. Pictured right are the hardback, paperback, and US editions. The hardback, paperback and US editions are shown left. This was held at the University of Reading over the weekend of 29thst July Elizabeth's paper was about fantasy creatures in fiction.

The Jinx on the Divide by Elizabeth Kay (2005, Hardcover)

For further information see the Accio site. In Finnish, it's called Rajalla which just means "The Divide".

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  • The Japanese versions look like this: Those are the front covers - though they are where we would expect the back covers to be, because the Japanese read books in the opposite direction to us! Here are the Chinese versions of the first two books:.