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Improve their job performance. Be more open with themselves and others. Speculative applications Let your creative streak do the talking It is interesting that most counterfactuals about WW2 in the Eastern European theatre look at a hypothetical scenario where the Germans would not make mistakes they did make whereas the Russians would make all the mistakes that actually were made. That logic seems to neglect that changing behaviour of one side may well affect the behaviour of the other side too.

For instance, had Yugoslavia not had a coup on 27th March and not been invaded on 6th April, perhaps it would have finally dawned on Stalin that Hitler was happy to leave his old enemy, the Serbs, alone in order to stay on course set in Mein Kampf. And so on and so for. I agree with you, psujoe. The objetives of Barbarossa they would be conquered one by one, trough very strong blitzkrieg type attack. The number one, withouth doubt, was Moscow. If the Germans allow Guderian to continue trough Moscow, and the Panzer reserves of two thousand pleaes read my earlier post come to the front, he could conquer moscow.

The flank SU forces are not of danger, because infantery forces at this time, not mecanized, and withouth air superiority, can not attack the germans because of they lack of mobility. Remember that the soviet counter attacks of never ended in victory, but in a blod bath against less but well supplied German Forces.


Withouth a trusted supplie line, with food and ammunition, very strong russian forces were defeated by less german forces. One more point: Moscow fall means to me the defeat of the SU, but we do not know what could hapen with the entire war. Perhaps the great gamble of Hitler is a very interesting thinking, because he made a Poker lay, instead of deep and cientific analysis of German real capabilities of victory.

Do you have questions?

I always remenber when he said in that if he would knew the size of SU army forces, he would never start the war against them. Just terrible planning and short sighted. Thank you for your comments, Mr. Really you are the first one that, knowing a lot about WWII, agree with me. I would kindly ask you two things: 1- do you think that if Germany concuerde Leningrad at the end of July, when they arrived to the Luga river but stopped for a month, this punch could make they win the entire campaign in?

Tahnk you and Regards from Uruguay! I am always puzzled by the lack of air transport in the German attack plan.

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They had total command of the skies over Russia, but no Heavy bombers and poor usage of their transport planes. But, because the infantry remained too on the rear, they do nit try to conquer the city by a coup the main.

Jorge Luis Borges

The ground forest, swamp qnd of course the Russian reinforcement that come in a hurry, stopped them. But, a more decisive air supply and perhaps aerotransportated mission, could at least seal the ring around the city. The mistake was the same that in France the earlier year at Dukerque: to stop the panzers to wait the infantry.

It is not necesary, because the confusion and lack of mobility of the enemy, the German air superiority, make the Russian quite paralized. This is the point, I guess. Waiting for the infantry, the Russians had a month to build trenches, the population also women in number of thenth of thousands reinforced the army and the engineering works obstacles, antitank trenches, etc.

All the Nazi should have scenarios are pointless. If the Nazis had hung on through additional victories on the eastern front for another five months the direct result would have been the nuclear attacks on Germany rather than on Japan. Hitler himself would have been hard pressed to survive an atom bomb, even in his Berlin bunker. The allies knew of his location through ultra. Politically, the result of nuclear strikes would also have lead to his over throw even if Hitler did survive the nuke strikes. In the end the Nazis never had a chance of winning ww2 against the soviets and the americans.

If Adolph had not declared war against the americans the Nazis may have survived to defeat the soviets, since there was considerable sympathy for the Nazis in America and hatred of the communists.

Britain without American assistance could not have sustained a war against the third reich, Once the Nazis were engaged on a war of two fronts the Nazis were doomed. Ronald Lameck. Great writing, and your knowledge on the subject is obviously excellent. The Polish obviously never receiving such military relief as Britain and France never intended to do such.

Yes Neil, and virtually no knowledge is simply pathetic. In my opinion, had the Germans conquered Moscow in Russia would have either collapsed from the loss or would have been forced to sue for some type of peace which unfortunately Hitler would likely have rejected as he had a clear desire to eradicate the Soviet Union as a country, people, culture, and idea… But the postulation I believe is one borne upon the supposition that the event happened as a result of Hitler placing more faith and ultimately militarily strategic decision making in the hands of his best commanders.

That said, Moscow was an extremely important rail and communications hub, and the political nerve-center of the S. The reverberations would have been out of proportion to the actual capture of the city in purely military terms. The Brits would likely have sued for peace, Leningrad would likely have capitulated, and the Wehrmacht would have found itself better supplied, better rested, strengthened by numbers and materials, and holding the title of the undisputed military power in not only western and central Europe, but of eastern Europe as well. Thanks for posting, and never mind the fools spouting History Channel propaganda.

Neil: I am irked that a lengthy reply I made to supra some time ago is, for some reason, not here. I try to reproduce at least its gist herein:.

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If you can read all the messages of your enemy, whom you outnumber by at least 5 to 1 in manpower, not to mention natural resources, but still need more than 5 yrs. Just a couple examples of how ludicrous this claim is: a. The major argument used ex post facto to justify the Allied terror-bombing of Dresden in mid-Feb. It was transferred through Regensburg, some Km.

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You posit the U. But no aircraft carrier extant at the time was wide enough or long enough to launch a bomber loaded with the A-bomb of the time. The only aircraft able to carry such a bomb a significant distance was the B, FAR too large for any aircraft carrier of the time. You posit that the aircraft could fly from Britain. But there was no guarantee the bomb would be effective. Even the July test gave cause for doubt about what would actually happen. There is extreme doubt that the British government would allow such a flight from its territory — or even allow use of the weapon at all.

The A-bomb was an unknown quantity. It would be very easy to make such stuff the warhead of a large salvo of V-2s. The risk of this happening was far too great. No British government that allowed a mass attack by such a weapon would survive the week. To paraphrase the bi-polar drunkard British P. Finally, the Doolittle raid on Tokyo vastly over-blown by U. Its plan was to have the Bs fly on to mainland China and land even if a forced landing there.

Which is what DID happen.