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Their anger was so great that they were ready to kill Gideon for destroying the altar Judges Things began to move swiftly after that event.

Intern. Gideonbund

The Midianites assembled a large army in the Valley of Jezreel , and as the opposition of the Midianites grew more intense, Gideon sent out an appeal for volunteers from several tribes in Israel to help drive out the Midianites. Gideon may have thought that the number of men who gathered was much too small to fight the multitude of Midianites who had filled a major portion of the Valley of Jezreel. Judges indicates that there were , enemy soldiers who had gathered in the Valley not very far away. And even though there were more than four times that many enemy soldiers camped in the Valley—God directed Gideon to thin out his ranks.

God first told Gideon to dismiss all who were fearful. More than two-thirds of the men went home. Only 10, remained Then God told Gideon to dismiss all who were unwatchful. A small stream flowed by the camp. Those who got down on their knees to drink, forgetting to keep watch for the enemy, were dismissed. This time, 11, more soldiers went home.

Now only Israelite soldiers remained The ones who were left were the careful. God required only a few, but the few that He had were to be loyal and unafraid. The Midianites numbered , God frequently cuts down on our resources in order that we might depend entirely on Him. Sometimes the Lord sends sickness, and financial reverses, and difficulties of one kind or another—to train us to rely solely on His power. Hudson Taylor, a pioneer missionary in China, firmly believed that God knew his needs and that He would meet them. On one occasion Taylor had only 87 cents left.

When God finished preparing Gideon and his army for battle now limited to men , Gideon had no other choice but to trust God. God delights to reveal His power when we human beings acknowledge our weakness. We cannot be too small for God to use, but we can be too big. If we want the credit for what God is doing, God will not use us. Gideon was left virtually without an army.

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The odds of a win for the Israelites seemed so humanly impossible, that the only hope lay in God. Christian pulled out the key, and discovered that it opened every door—and soon he found his way out of Doubting Castle. Gideon had men facing an army of , But God and Gideon had a secret plan. Gideon divided his army into three companies which surrounded the Midianites on three sides, leaving open only one way for escape. Then he gave each man a trumpet, a pitcher, and a torch. The Midianites were thrown into panic. The whole army broke up in wild disorder. In the confusion, some committed suicide, and others killed their own comrades.

The remaining soldiers fled. His father was an idol worshiper Judges God can win victories with only a minority of dedicated people Judges ,4,7. A Renegade, is worse than Nat'ral Turk. But how can'st Thou and Jesuit disagree,.

As great a Snarler, and Make-bate as He,. To sheath up Argument, and draw forth Passion. To touch This Hydra's or Medusa's head,. When he condemns another for p. That well observes his p. Of Staples, Stakes, and Pipe -staves mention'd, Backward, and forward, pro and con, you see. Here better may be said, p. And not say, that he is the p. Out of the common way with strange p. Than any other p. Moisture as Excremental, as p.

Is this the ancient p. Against a Quack, or p. Is this the man that does so p 21 [ Duckling the best, because a Duck crys Quack. To Honesty and Conscience p. And disappointed. Thanks my Muse do's Sing. Unto a Roy [ But once a Waspe, and now a stingless drone. Like Moses Face, that make the Conclave shine,. Must be traduc'd by Nick-name of p. Like Janus bifrons, or the Biceps muscle:. And should love Majestie, as well as Puss. Nabal no Belweather, but a fierce Ram,.

Gideon's Fleece (Court and Parish: Part 1)

That butts the flock, and runs at his own Dam. But here 'tis as the Butcher ey'd the Goat,. This Muscle d [ What's shew'd in Cutts by Willis of the brain,. Or lungs, or Stomach, arterie or vein,. The duct conveys the Pancreatick juyce,. Can such an one p. Much greater Ideots then p. A Yomist pleas'd with none but Vive dissection:. Physician, or Chyrurgion can't be bad,. Or if a Tendon punctur'd be or Nerve,.

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Will make a Scholar much out-do a Master. No Nerve, nor Tendon wounded, or no pain,.

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  7. What then was punctur'd was the Median Vein;. And so acknowledg'd by p. Wou'd Par-boile, Bake, wou'd dry, and roast enough,. A Poor Physician, and a weak Gallant.

    Israel’s Dark Ages (Judges) |

    More wit may be transfus'd into's p. What was the purpose of this vow? Was it an act of worship, or was it an attempt to secure insurance? Jephthah was not trying to thank God for His incredible promises; he was trying to guarantee them. God instituted sacrifices and vows as an appropriate means for people to thank Him for what faith has wrought.

    The Story of Gideon

    They were not designed to replace, augment, or even enhance that faith. The final element to this story hinges on the purpose of the book. Samuel wrote Judges to highlight the worsening social and political climate that existed in Israel from the time of Joshua until the nation accepted a king.

    Godly men are certainly capable of committing the worst of sins. A modern parallel might be the lack of concern we sometimes show about abortion. Often these little ones are sacrificed for mere convenience. God is not obligated to bail out His saints, even a choice servant like Jephthah.

    Note Ecclesiastes — When you make a vow to God, do not delay to pay it; For He has no pleasure in fools. Pay what you have vowed—Better not to vow than to vow and not pay.